Roger I'm a software designer and developer (some might even say "architect"). I started my career at InstallShield, where I was involved in designing and building one of the first development tools for Windows Installer.

My interests and passion lie with user experience and interaction design. I dabble in software architecture and the graphic arts, though I'm not an expert in either.

The first program I ever wrote was in GW-BASIC. Once I got to college and learned that you could use Visual Basic 3.0 to write a Windows program, I never looked back. After toiling in the COM world with ATL for a while, I fell in love with programming all over again when C# was introduced.

I do my best to balance design sense, technical skill, and getting-things-done. Even years after making software my "day job", I still love to make things that look great, work well, solve a problem, and are a joy to build.

But enough about the geek credentials... The really important thing about me is that I'm dad to the cutest girls.

Why Mooville?

I grew up on a dairy farm that went by the name of Mooville. When I created my first personal home page, I designed a section called "Virtual Dairy Farm" that I used to experiment with new web technologies. Later I registered as an homage to the farm, and I hosted Virtual Dairy Farm there for a while.

After growing tired of maintaining multiple sites, I wanted to consolidate my web presence, and I choose as my domain.


You can reach me at


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Can't Live Without

Star Wars

Red wine

A fine wristwatch

Moleskine notebooks

Best Ways to Spend a Weekend

With my girls at the park

At Wrigley Field

Planning my next vacation

Dinner, drinks, conversation, and games with friends and family

Someday I Want To

Visit every continent

Build an app that everybody has heard of

Hand-draw a map of the world

Speak, read, and write Chinese

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